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Drinking Water Distribution:
JIRD distributes drinking water to more than 100 households in 20 villages in the governarate of Dara'a, and due to the lack of drinking water sources JIRD initiated an awareness program on the use of water purification tablets while distributing it.

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Food Distribution:

JIRD has been distributing food parcels to more than 100,000 beneficiaries covering the whole Southern Syrian Area, this on-going project from WFP with coordination from other organizations has had a great impact on reducing the lack of healthy food items for the IDPs. ​

Education and Schools: 
With its limited resources, JIRD is trying to support the education process by distributing study materials, sponsoring learning tents, conducting in houses classes and implementing schools' rebuilding projects.

EVE Project 

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Irrigation systems depend on water networks, which led JIRD to fix more than 200 important water lines to keep the water flowing for agricultural purposes, still water networks are in need for continuous improvement.